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Computer & Electronics Recycling 

It's GOOD for the environment and GREAT for your data security!


Why does it matter?

Electronics contain hazardous chemicals in the circuit boards, batteries and other components. When these items end up in landfills the harsh chemicals leach into the soil and contaminant the environment.

In addition to environmental concerns, improper hardware disposal puts your personal information at risk. When USA Green PC receives devices that could contain private data we make sure the storage device is properly handled to protect your data. 


What can you do?

Companies: Please contact us about scheduling a pick up. In many cases we are able to haul your equipment away free of charge.

Individuals: Drop off your old electronics at USA Green PC or contact us about when and where our next recycling event will held!

EVERYONE: Spread the word! Many people are unaware of the dangers of improper electronic disposal. Please share our page on your social networks! 


Our Recycling Process

When your electronics arrive at our warehouse the equipment will be processed & sorted.

Hard drives and other storage devices will be securely erased or physically destroyed.

All other hardware will be evaluated to determine if it has a chance for a second life!  Our goal is to refurbish and send as many computers, components and parts back in to the world for someone else to use.


Data Security

We take it seriously!

We offer options....

Computers contain a lot of personal information.  The last thing you or your company needs is that information being stolen.  All hard drives are securely wiped with with professional software before being used in any refurbished systems.

If requested we also offer a physical destruction service.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable with their hard drives going back in to service.

Whether you require physical destruction or data erasure we offer a Certificate of Destruction that list each hard drive by serial number.


Common items accepted for recycling....

- All computers and laptops
- Servers and networking equipment
- Printers, fax machines and *copiers
- *Monitors and televisions
- Office phones, cell phones and home phones
- VCRs, DVD Players, cables boxes and home video equipment
- Small kitchen appliances
- UPS Battery Backups
- Wires, cables and cords
- Computer accessories (mice, keyboards, docks, misc parts)
- Audio equipment

If you are not sure, just ask us.

USA Green PC

7900 Decoursey Pike Ste C             Taylor Mill, KY 41015


Phone:  859-314-9360 

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